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Google Play console certified, the Infinix Zero X Neo



Google Play console certified, the Infinix Zero X Neo

When the Infinix Zero X was rumored of being a concept phone earlier this summer, it drew a lot of attention. However, the Zero X is the successor to last year’s Zero 8 series, which includes the basic Zero X and the Zero X Neo. Along with its spec sheet, the Infinix Zero X has been validated on the Google Play Console.

The model number ‘X6810′ is assigned to the Infinix Zero X Neo in the Google Play Console database. The document features a front-facing image of the phone as well as basic technical information. A hole has been drilled in the center of the phone’s flat display.

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The screen features a resolution of full HD with a pixel density of 480 pixels per inch. It is powered by the MediaTek Helio G90, a low-cost MediaTek gaming CPU. The processor now has an 8GB capacity (a 6GB version may also be in development). The phone comes with Android 11 pre-installed.

The smartphone is likely to be added to the Infinix price list soon. In June, the Bluetooth SIG approved the Zero X Neo label under the same model number. The Geekbench benchmarks for the Zero M include the MediaTek Helio G95.

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