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Huawei will construct smart roads for self-driving cars



Huawei will construct smart roads for self-driving cars

According to reports, Huawei is developing smart roads that will interact with driverless cars, giving them with data that will allow them to navigate securely. The concept of self-driving and autonomous cars has been around for a while, and it is a rather simple concept to grasp. Smart roads, on the other hand, are much more difficult to comprehend.

As part of the country’s first national project for intelligent and connected vehicles, the business and its partners are creating smart road technology. They have set aside a 4-kilometer stretch of road in the city of Wuxi, Jiangsu, to create the infrastructure for the concept. The studies are being carried out with the help of an autonomous bus that travels back and forth on the stretch of road, overcoming obstacles, accelerating and decelerating, stopping, and completing other tasks.

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This procedure is based on the data and information received by the bus from the smart road systems that surround it. Sensors, cameras, radars, and other comparable technology are implanted in the road, traffic signals, street signs, and other locations.

Autonomous driving is an inevitable trend, according to Jiang Wangcheng, president of Huawei’s information and communications technology business, although no single car can do it. The only option is to get more data from the roadways. Roads, street signs, traffic signals, and bus stops are all outfitted with sensors, cameras, and radars.

The X-bus self-driving bus is linked to a transportation-control network, which establishes a two-way form of communication to decide every action made on the road.

As of today, the project is far from finished. Once the organization has devised a practical solution for putting the notion into action, it must also devise a way to make it cost-effective.

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