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Instagram features ‘Extra Cash’ for creators who stream more



Instagram features 'Extra Cash' for creators who stream more

Instagram is in the news for developing new tools that will assist its users in making more money on the platform. It will, however, be a challenge for creators to broadcast more content. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg discussed this first at the very first Creator Week event.


Instagram features 'Extra Cash' for creators who stream more —  File/Photo Instagram


The launch of the new tools will increase the earning potential of influencers who meet certain objectives mentioned by the company. Another common example is the “sell” feature on Instagram, where creators earn “bonuses” if they sell a pre-determined number of badges in their streams. Facebook users know this challenge as the “Stars Challenges”; in order to earn stars, users must meet certain goals.


Zuckerberg also disclosed the details of how influencers can earn a commission using the new system. This also includes selling products within the platform and identifying products that are particularly helpful to customers who are motivated to earn a higher commission.

In the end, Instagram is on its way to replacing Facebook as the dominant platform for creators and influencers.