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Intel will develop chips for Qualcomm



Intel will develop chips for Qualcomm

Intel announced the launch of its new Intel Foundry Services division. The American chipmaker will supply chips to Qualcomm, which powers the majority of Android smartphones with its Snapdragon processors.

Intel will manufacture these chips utilizing its forthcoming 20A process, which will incorporate new transistor technologies to assist cut power usage. At the moment, it is unknown which Qualcomm goods Intel will manufacture or when the Intel-Qualcomm CPUs will be available. Though we already know that Qualcomm’s processors will be manufactured by Intel in the next years.



Intel’s 20A process is based on the RibbonFET and PowerVia technologies. Intel’s RibbonFET is the company’s first new transistor architecture since 2011’s FinFET. It provides quicker transistor switching rates in a more compact package.

The PowerVia is Intel’s first implementation of backside power delivery, which reduces power usage by obviating the requirement for front-side power routing.

Intel intends to leverage these new technologies in conjunction with new customers in order to reclaim the market leadership by 2025. This will not be an easy undertaking, since Intel will be competing in the foundry services business against the likes of Samsung and TSMC, two of the industry’s biggest names.

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