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Is MG Motors Planning a Private Owners Club?



MG Motors: Because of the sudden inflow of automakers into Pakistan, establishing significance in an increasingly competitive industry has proven to be a difficult task, particularly for newcomers to the market. Regardless, Javed Afridi, who, in addition to being a big stakeholder in MG Pakistan, is well-known for prospering in difficult circumstances through the smart use of social media, which he mostly employs to hype promotions.

On his Facebook page, he recently uploaded a photo with the phrase “MG Owners Club,” and he urged his followers to offer their thoughts on the potential initiative.

Although the exact purpose of the club is currently unknown, it is likely that MG intends to create a close-knit community of vehicle owners and invite them to special events, promotional offers, web-based forums and chatrooms, and other activities that require mutual participation on the part of all club members.

It has commenced assembly operations in Pakistan and has also imported a few vehicles for road testing, the most affordable of which is the MG 5 sedan, which is still out of reach for many people in the country.

Given the public’s dissatisfaction with the price of MG’s automobiles, MG Pakistan would be wise to concentrate its efforts on bringing a more affordable car with broad appeal to the country in order to remain competitive in the long run.