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MG 6 Pro launch in Pakistan, Javed Afridi Teases



MG 6 Pro launch in Pakistan, Javed Afridi Teases

MG 6 Pro launch in Pakistan, Javed Afridi Teases – Javed Afridi is without question the most skilled marketer in the Pakistani automobile business. MG Pakistan was brought to the country’s attention via his inventive marketing strategies and social media teasers, and afterwards, his social media presence helped the brand continue to grow in popularity.

Afridi just indicated that the all-new MG6 Pro may be on its way to Pakistan shortly in his most recent social media post.

It goes up against the likes of Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic in the C-Segment small family car class. Just a few weeks ago, the Chinese market saw the introduction of a fully revamped 3rd generation MG 6, including the top-of-the-line Pro trim-level, which stands out due to its more aggressive appearance and sportier interior.

At this time, you will know everything about the features and engine of the car. Because the vehicle recently came out in the Chinese market, the business is now in the process of collecting more information, and thus does not have anything else to share at this time.

This makes it clear that at the “Pro” trim level, the car will receive a 180-horsepower and 280 Newton-meters of torque turbocharged 3-cylinder petrol engine.

To learn more about the advanced instrument panel, and the elegant three-spoke steering wheel with functional functions, and a 10.1-inch infotainment screen, click here.

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Despite a new car entering the market, a wonderful development, let us not hold our breath: since there are plenty of vehicles, including the RX8 SUV, the Gloster SUV, the Extender pickup truck, MG 5 sedan, and the MG 3 hatchback, that should have debuted in Pakistan by now.

Another issue is that by encouraging smaller cars, we are making it less likely for large and expensive vehicles to succeed. There is, however, one little caveat: What new business sector would Javed Afridi jump into next?