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Microsoft teases to launch the ‘Next Generation Of Windows’ very soon



Microsoft teases to launch the ‘Next Generation Of Windows’ very soon

At Microsoft’s mega-event, Microsoft Build, CEO Satya Nadella indicated in his presentation that he had been testing “the next generation of Windows” in recent months, implying that Windows users will see major UI improvements, a new store, and other improvements.

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The CEO of the technology giant announced in his keynote, “Soon we will deliver one of the most important upgrades to Windows in the last decade to unleash additional economic opportunities for developers and creators.” I’ve been self-hosting it for a few months now, and I’m quite enthusiastic about the next generation of Windows. Our goal to you is that we will make more opportunities available to every Windows developer today and welcome every creative searching for the most inventive, fresh, open platform to build, distribute, and sell programmes. We hope to share more information with you soon.”

Aside from the user interface, it is evident that the business is also working on a new retail app. The CEO alluded to this when he mentioned unleashing a better economy for developers and creators within Windows itself. As a result, big changes are on the way, such as allowing developers to upload Windows software, including browsers, to the store.

According to speculations, Microsoft may even enable third-party commerce systems in applications in order to circumvent the company’s own 15% cut on applications and 12% cut on games.

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Furthermore, Windows 10X, which was designed for dual-screen devices, will be merged into the standard Windows 10. This will contain new system icons as well as the removal of icons from the Windows 95 era.

Overall, it is predicted that this release of Windows 10 will be worth the wait.