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Netflix may be Cracking Down on Password Sharing



Netflix may be Cracking Down on Password Sharing
Netflix is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of award-winning TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, and much more. —

Netflix has rolled out a feature that asks customers to confirm if they’re authorized to make use of the account. The move is widely seen as a sign that the streaming giant would crack down on password sharing.

A limited number of consumers have reported receiving pop-up notices asking them to check that they remain in the same household as the account holder. The authentication procedure entails entering information from a textual content message or an e-mail sent to the account owner.

The message may be forgotten, but it may reappear when the service is restarted.

“This checklist is intended to ensure that users using Netflix accounts are allowed to do so,” a Netflix spokesperson explained.

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Customers should remain in the same family, according to the corporate service terms. So far, company officials have refuted that they are cracking down on login sharing in general.

Any Netflix users who had been reportedly breaking into other people’s accounts took to Twitter to share details of the apparent crackdown, as well as posts from a note reminding them that they wanted to be subscribers to continue watching the service.

Netflix included a proposal to strive the service free for 30 days, in keeping with a replica posted at Twitter.

“Oh no, Netflix doing the purge?” the Twitter consumer wrote within the submit.

It was not sure the take a look at of the account-user verify would flip right into a crackdown on password sharing throughout the service.

Practically a 3rd of subscribers to tv streaming providers resembling Netflix share their passwords with individuals who don´t stay with them, in keeping with a survey final yr by consulting agency Magid.

Netflix, headquartered in California, has long tolerated the practice, claiming the “guardrails” are in order to prevent unnecessary login sharing violations.

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