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Netflix’s restriction on password sharing will begin in 2023



Netflix's restriction on password sharing will begin in 2023 — File/Photo

Netflix has announced intentions to take action in an effort to prevent users from sharing their accounts password.

The Verge reports that a Netflix feature will let users move their current profile with personal settings including content suggestions, viewing history, My List, saved games, and other settings to a different account.

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Netflix officials said that they would provide users who are already using other people’s accounts the option to switch that profile to their own subscription in a letter to shareholders. Additionally, they will give account holders the choice to create “subaccounts,” paying more to let others use their Netflix service.

In early 2023, “we’ll start rolling this out more generally,” the letter states, “we’ve settled on a thoughtful method to commercialize account sharing.” “After taking into consideration customer feedback, we are going to offer the possibility for borrowers to transfer their Netflix profiles into their own accounts, as well as for sharers to manage their devices more easily and to form subaccounts (“extra member”) if they wish to pay for family or friends.”

On a different note, Netflix revealed on Monday that it was globally introducing the capability to move a profile into a different subscription.

The news follows the streaming giant’s disclosure that it lost subscribers for the first time in more than ten years last quarter, with a decline of 1.3 million in the US and Canada and 1 million globally.

In response to this, Netflix has likewise been gradually discouraging users from exchanging passwords.