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Pakistan plans to boost its IT industry in 2 years by tech zones



Pakistan plans to boost its IT industry in 2 years by tech zones

The government aims to boost the IT industry by establishing tech zones around the country, which are dependent only on technology. By January 2021, the government had given the STZA, which was set up to facilitate technology breakthroughs, the go-ahead to transfer 150 acres of land in order to set up a special zone for this purpose.

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The prediction is that the country will have more than one functional economic zone by next year. To make sure Pakistan’s IT industry can get a substantial boost, there is a 10-year remission on corporation tax and imports of any equipment or structure necessary for the tech zones.

As a consequence, there will be many more career chances for young individuals who have an incredible passion for several technologies. In addition, the Chairman of the STZA, Amer Hashmi, emphasized his personal entrepreneurship experience and the need of a healthy digital environment in South Asia.

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It is important to note, however, that this is not the first time Pakistan has attempted to enhance its technological capabilities by spending $1 billion on software parks, as the country had planned to do so in 2006. There will be no regrets, because this time the government is drawing worldwide investment in order to make sure the technology zones initiative is not a failure.