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Samsung To Establish A Local Manufacturing Facility In Pakistan



Samsung To Establish A Local Manufacturing Facility In Pakistan

According to recent reports, Samsung is now in discussions with a number of investors about constructing a local manufacturing facility in Pakistan for their various smartphone products. So far, three investors have expressed interest in participating in this initiative. One of these investor parties is based in South Korea, which has previously built assembly plants in Pakistan as part of the Auto Development Policy 2016-2021, while the other two have not yet been identified.

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According to multiple sources, the internet behemoth is trying to collaborate with another Korean firm in order to properly operate within Pakistan. Furthermore, another source claims that the corporation “plans to begin local production of telephones in the fourth quarter of this year.”

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Furthermore, according to the country’s economic study, the telecom sector received approximately $101 million in Foreign Direct Investments between July and February 2021. With Samsung’s impending entrance, it only goes to demonstrate how much more money will be put in the ever-increasing smartphone market, allowing other worldwide corporations to compete for a slice of the same pie.