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Wateen and Telenor have signed a deal to connect more than 700 cell sites



Wateen and Telenor have signed a deal to connect more than 700 cell sites

As part of the FTTT effort (Fiber to the Tower), Wateen Telecom, Pakistan’s largest ICT and fiber infrastructure company, has teamed with Telenor Pakistan to connect over 700 Telenor cell sites around the country via fiber optic cable.

To ensure maximum readiness for expanding bandwidth demand and future technologies, Telenor Pakistan has enlisted Wateen as one of its primary partners for a fiber-optic backbone that will support the maintenance of more than 6,000 kilometers of the company’s network throughout the nation.

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Wateen will supply active capacity to Telenor Pakistan cell sites as part of this new project, allowing for faster connectivity and greater internet speeds in 12 major cities across Pakistan. Customers will benefit from greater network capacity and dependability as a result of this technology collaboration, which will help the telecom operator improve their overall customer experience.

Adil Rashid, the CEO of Wateen Telecom, remarked at the event, “As an ambitious firm that places a significant emphasis on offering innovative solutions, Wateen is happy to align its vision with Telenor Pakistan, for the second time.” This latest partnership will ensure that our partner’s consumers have the finest network experience possible in every area of their everyday lives, whether they are at home or on the go.”

Customers will benefit from Wateen’s FTTT technology, which will allow Telenor Pakistan to open up higher bandwidth transport capabilities, resulting in a smoother and faster internet experience while also guaranteeing that data services remain uninterrupted.

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In Pakistan, the need for data services has increased at an exponential rate. The number of broadband subscribers has increased from 14 million to more than 100 million in seven years. A result of this increase in subscriber numbers, it has become necessary to implement initiatives such as FTTT, and Wateen is gearing up to take advantage of the next generation of internet technology.

Due to a rising need to satisfy expanding bandwidth requirements, the cooperation will play a vital role in staying ahead of future consumer expectations and will enable the goal of developing the infrastructure necessary to further Pakistan’s digital transformation.