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WhatsApp won’t limit features if you disagree with the privacy policy



WhatsApp won't limit features if you disagree with the privacy policy,

WhatsApp has declared that if you do not accept its contentious privacy policy, it will no longer limit its application functioning. This reverses the prior decision of the firm to deactivate certain app functionality if you do not accept the policy.

First, The Verge published this info and then Android Central confirmed it. A WhatsApp Speaker stated, according to the Verge’s storey, that:

Given recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make clear that we will not limit the functionality of how WhatsApp works for those who have not yet accepted the update.

WhatsApp added that it just reminds users to regularly accept its policy and that “no plans are made for these reminders to continue.” The corporation also announced that the new privacy policy has already been agreed upon by a majority of customers.

In its new policy, the Facebook messaging app has confirmed that it shares further personal data with Facebook. The provided information is only provided to company accounts which can be stored on their systems.

This has triggered a lot of internet controversy and as a result millions of users have moved to alternative message applications.