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WhatsApp’s new “view once” feature is released today



WhatsApp (WA)

According to a recent announcement, WhatsApp is finally deploying its long-awaited ‘view once’ functionality on Android devices today.

The new function, which was announced just a few days ago, is finally ready to go live.

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You will be able to share photographs and films that can only be viewed once thanks to the new functionality. It will also help you to determine whether or not the receiver has actually opened the media.

Using the view once option while sharing media will tell you whether or not this functionality is available on your phone’s version of WhatsApp.

More information on the ‘view once’ feature may be found here.
If you disable the read receipts option, recipients will still be able to see if you opened the photo or video to watch it once, even if you did not. You will not be able to observe when the recipient opens your media, though.

View once can be used to distribute photographs and movies in bulk to many recipients. While participating in a group, you can see when other users open expiring photos, even if you have read receipts disabled. Message Info contains information about the current status of the viewed object.

Because WhatsApp does not have a screenshot detection feature, recipients may be able to save an expiring photo or video by taking screen shots or recording their computer screen.

If you transmit a photo that is about to expire to someone who does not have this feature enabled, the view once feature will continue to function.

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If you are in a same group with your blocked contacts, they will also be able to see the photographs and videos you have uploaded.

The WhatsApp beta for Android has been identified as the version that is compatible with this feature. The activation of iOS beta testers will take place in the near future.