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Windows 11 leak reveals a new Start menu, UI, and other features



Windows 11 leak reveals a new Start menu, User Interface, and other features

Windows 11, Microsoft’s next operating system, has been leaked. After pictures of Windows 11 were originally revealed on Baidu, the whole OS, including a new user interface, Start menu, and more, became available for the world to see.

For those upgrading from Windows 10X, the new Windows 11 user interface and Start menu look remarkably similar to what was featured in Windows 10 before. Before terminating the Windows 10 dual-screen project, Microsoft had already simplified Windows for dual-screen devices. Mostly likely you’ll see modifications along the taskbar instead. In the design of the application icons, Microsoft moved the menus into their own space, cleared up the tray, and added a new Start button and menu.

The present Start menu in Windows 10 is a much-reduced version of what is found in Windows 10 at the moment, sans Live Tiles. Also known as the pinned programs, recent files, and restart options. It’s far more simplistic than what Windows 10 currently offers.

You can shift the app icons and Start menu all the way to the left side if you choose. While there is also a dark mode available, coupled with the new, streamlined style of Windows 11, it starts to look more like an updated version of Windows 10 than something with radical design changes.

As with Windows 10, rounded corners can be found across Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 11. Visibility in context menus, as well as around programs and the File Explorer, is demonstrated here. You will also see softened corners on the Start menu. This is an early build of Windows 11 that has been leaked, thus there may be features missing at this time.

Changes we anticipate to see to the built-in apps in Windows 11 have yet to be seen. An almost complete chunk of the operating system has already been built, therefore we anticipate to see a beta release to the Windows Insider community in the near future.

Windows 11’s search interface.
The File Explorer in Windows 11.

With Windows 11, you might have noticed a new icon in the taskbar named Widgets. Folk rumors have claimed that Microsoft is bringing back Windows Widget functionality, and this preliminary version contains part of it.

The widgets are still coming out in a preview build of Windows 11, but are supposed to appear in a panel at the top of the screen and allow users to quickly go to relevant news, weather, and other web material.

Early version of Windows Widgets in Windows 11.

Microsoft’s abandoned Windows 10X project appears to have been significantly reused in the company’s next iteration, Windows 11. In Windows 10X, dual-screen devices were targeted from the beginning, but as laptop sales became more prominent, it shifted toward standard notebooks. At that point, however, it was discontinued. The information we are seeing here suggests that Windows 10X includes many of the features from Windows that were reduced and polished, and much of that is already there in the leaked version of Windows 11.

Snap controls that you may get from the maximize button on all apps are part of Windows 11. Incorporating Windows’ cascade window function that has been present in the operating system for years, newer counterparts of cascading windows are now available. In addition to side-by-side windows, you may also group windows together in sections on your desktop.

As of now, there aren’t many significant changes to the Windows Store. Because this is an early version leak, Microsoft’s future plans aren’t in place yet.

Most of the UI of the Windows Store looks similar to what is found in Windows 10 today since users have access to all of the same programs.

The existing Windows Store in Windows 11.

There have been persistent whispers over the past several months about a brand-new Windows app store in the horizon, and it’s expected to be much different from what is now available. According to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who made the pledge on a recent conference call, Windows will give developers and creators “a better economic opportunity.” Nadella believes that opening a new store is likely to be part of this new marketplace for developers and creators.

Developers have reportedly been given the ability to submit any type of Windows application, including browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft may also be exploring allowing third-party e-commerce platforms to be integrated into apps, freeing developers from the fee Microsoft typically collects when utilizing in-app purchase systems.

Additionally, in Windows 11, Microsoft has created a new setup experience. It is comparable to Windows 10X, where people use a set of steps to configure Windows to lead them through setting up their new hardware or to upgrade from an earlier version of Windows. A basic Windows installation comes loaded with a fresh startup sound, which kicks in each time you turn on your computer.

Also, in Windows 11, Microsoft is also upgrading the Xbox experience. With Windows 11 now being a part of the Xbox app, users may use the new Xbox app to easily access their Xbox Game Pass games, their Xbox social community, and the Xbox shop. At this early stage, everything in the Xbox Game Bar and Windows Game Mode stay the same in the leaked build.

The new Xbox experience on Windows 11.
The new Xbox app on Windows 11.

According to Microsoft, Windows 11 is ready to be launched. On June 24th, Microsoft will make an announcement about its future operating system, which it will call Windows 13. The event begins at 11:00 a.m. ET, and participants receive an invitation that contains a window that generates a shadow with a shape that resembles the number 11. “Windows 11” is expected to be unveiled later this month. Microsoft executives have teased this with a “next generation of Windows” announcement for months, and this leak reveals the announcement will be made on April 26th.

We’ve just issued an update: It’s 1:25pm ET, June 15th. We have updated the page with more information about the Windows 11 leak, as well as a new batch of screenshots.

Source: TheVerge