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Why are more Australian kids getting Delta Variant?



Why are more Australian kids getting Delta Variant?

Even though it has been discovered that more children are becoming infected with COVID-19 in Australia and abroad, the explanation for this has yet to be established.

Because children and teenagers have the lowest vaccination rates, one obvious reason for the increasing infection rate among them is that they are less protected from disease. A quarter of 15-29-year-olds in New South Wales had had one dose of the COVID-19 immunization, according to the NSW Health figures.

A quarter of those between 15-29 years had received one dose of COVID-19 immunization, compared to 78 percent of people over 70-79 years, according to NSW Health data. According to the World Health Organization, there is insufficient evidence to support the argument that the Delta variation has been intentionally targeted towards children and young people.

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It is important to emphasize that the Delta variant does not appear to be directed primarily towards children, according to Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO’s COVID-19 technical head, who spoke at a press conference a few weeks ago.

“There was some speculation that the versions were aimed primarily at youngsters, although this was later proven not to be the case. It appears that the versions will be directed at people who are socially mixing,” Van Kerkhove explained.

It is clear from what we have observed that the variations that are circulating will infect people if they do not take the necessary precautions, which include things like physical separation and avoiding congregating in poorly ventilated, congested indoor settings.

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