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Afghanistan’s Taliban seize Kunduz Airbase and stolen Mi-35 helicopter



Afghanistan's Taliban seize Kunduz Airbase and Indian helicopter

The Afghan Taliban have taken over Kunduz airbase and stolen a Mi-35 assault helicopter that India had sent to the Afghan army.

Various social media videos show the number “123” written on the aircraft, essentially verifying that it is the same helicopter that India handed to Afghanistan two years ago.

In 2019, India presented the Afghan National Defense Forces with four refurbished Mi-35 assault helicopters to boost their defensive capabilities.

The Indian Ministry of External Affairs, on the other hand, has refused to comment on the development, stressing that India will not comment on Afghanistan’s internal affairs.

The Taliban’s swift advance across Afghanistan continues unabated, as the fighters seize important locations and display weapons and other military hardware stolen from the Afghan forces as the US army withdraws.

According to the latest reports, 9 provincial capitals out of 34 have now fallen to the Taliban, while battle continues in another four.

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