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All resident doctors get 10-year ‘Golden Visa’ in UAE Scheme



All resident doctors get 10-year ‘Golden Visa' in UAE Scheme

The UAE government has asked doctors to apply for the golden visa in appreciation of their efforts and sacrifices, as well as for their role as frontline heroes in the fight against the new coronavirus (NCCV).


Doctors in the United Arab Emirates are invited to apply for the golden visa through the government of the UAE. The long-term residence will be awarded to the first line of defense in “honor of their efforts and sacrifices,” according to the government.

It provides doctors and their families with a 10-year residence permit under the Golden Visa program.

Between July 2021 and September 2022, all doctors licensed by the UAE’s health regulatory agencies can submit an application for the golden visa on the official website ( Doctors who are licensed in Dubai can apply through this channel ( The applications will be received and reviewed by the relevant government ministries, with the golden visa being issued to individuals who meet the requirements.