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Amazon is going to establish “Amazon Style” its first physical clothing store



Amazon is going to establish "Amazon Style" its first physical clothing store

Amazon is confirming a rumour from last year by opening its first-ever Amazon Style physical clothes store with the promise of a high-tech shopping experience. According to Amazon, it would offer brands that people “know and love,” and an app will let you to select an item, size, and colour and have it delivered directly to a fitting room or pickup counter. The business claimed the first location will open at The Americana at Brand in Los Angeles “later this year.”

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Amazon stated that it will feature “hundreds of brands” picked by fashion designers and “input from millions of customers.” It did not disclose which designer, but its online store now sells items by Oscar de la Renta, Altuzarra, and La Perla. Many premium and high-end brands, on the other hand, have resisted selling their products on Amazon.

The stores will provide twice the variety of styles as traditional retailers, without requiring clients to manually search for the correct size or colour. Rather than that, if you see an item of apparel you like, you may scan its QR code using the Amazon Shopping App to learn about its sizes, colours, customer ratings, and other features. You can then send it to the fitting room or immediately to the pickup counter if you do not require the item to be tried on. As you might assume, it also uses an algorithm driven by artificial intelligence to offer more things based on what you’ve already selected.

You can use the app to unlock the fitting room door, revealing all the products you’ve chosen. Each has a touchscreen that enables you to continue shopping and request additional things to try on without leaving. They’ll then arrive in “minutes,” courtesy of the same technology used by Amazon in its fulfilment facilities.

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You are free to purchase things online that you discovered in the store, as long as the pricing are the same in both locations. Returns are accepted in-store, and any item scanned will be recorded in the shopping app for future reference.

Amazon has already launched several Fresh supermarkets, as well as book stores and a hair salon. It did not specify whether it would use its cashierless “Just Walk Out” technology now in place at Fresh and Whole Foods, but it did confirm that it would use Amazon’s palm recognition service for checkout.