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Canine coronavirus is the cause of vomiting in dogs



ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – Researchers have linked an outbreak of vomiting in dogs to a form of animal coronavirus.

In 2019/20, veterinarians around the world started registering cases of acute onset prolific vomiting.

The University of Liverpool’s Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNet) enlisted the assistance of veterinarians to gather evidence, resulting in 1,258 case questionnaires from veterinarians and owners, as well as 95 clinical samples from 71 species.

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A consortium of researchers from the universities of Liverpool, Lancaster, Manchester, and Bristol used this information to determine that the outbreak was most likely caused by a canine enteric coronavirus variant (CeCoV)

Canine coronavirus is distinct from Sars Cov2, which causes Covid in humans, in that it only affects dogs.

There was no proof of related disease in humans, according to the researchers. The findings were published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases.

The team is working on a project called SAVSNet-Agile, which is sponsored by the Dogs Trust and seeks to create a nationwide monitoring framework for canine wellbeing.