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From July 11, the UAE will restrict flights to Indonesia and Afghanistan



From July 11, the UAE will restrict flights to Indonesia and Afghanistan

DUBAI: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has stated that all flights to Indonesia and Afghanistan will be suspended from July 11, 2021, and has advised its people not to visit these countries, according to Private News.

Transit travellers from these nations will be prohibited from entering the country as well. Transit flights from the UAE to these destinations are exempt from the suspension.

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Certain travellers are exempt from the suspension and may return to the UAE. UAE residents and their first-degree relatives, gold or silver residence holders, diplomatic missions by the UAE and the three nations, including administrators working in embassies, official delegations, and businesses with prior clearance, and important jobs were among the categories (restricted to specific categories).

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These exempted categories are required to follow certain cautious procedures, which include a 10-day quarantine, a PCR test at the airport, and a PCR test on the fourth and eighth days after entering the country. The PCR testing duration has been reduced from 72 hours to 48 hours, and all tests must be administered by recognized laboratories that provide results with a QR code.