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India will install a hi-tech minefield defense facility at the Pakistan border



The Mk-II prototype of an Indian enterprise has been deployed to help the Indian military demarcate minefields along the Pakistan border. Mk-II is planned to work in the Indian Punjab plains and in all weather conditions in the semi-desert and desert regions of Rajasthan.

Marking in Minefield offers immediate warning signals for persons going into or close dangerous locations. Marking is achieved by pickets and cords on the pickets and creates a physical boundary to differentiate recognized and considered protected hazardous areas.


“The equipment will mark/set with an inter-picket spacing of 15m at a minimum of 1.2 km/h. The machine will position the pickets at a distance of 10-35 meters and is 5 meters apart. The picket can be propelled by this machine to a maximum depth of 450mm.”

The two neighbors’ tensions continue to flare often, and both countries spend billions of dollars per year to increase each other’s defense.