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Indian Robber Bride gets married to 8 men, steals from them, and then runs away



Indian Robber Bride gets married to 8 men, steals from them, and then runs away

Marriage is an important tie, but unfortunately, some people take advantage of this special bond by luring people into it and then flee after plundering the families.

Meanwhile, a harrowing case from Patiala, in the Indian state of Punjab, has come to light. AIDS-infected bride married eight different grooms in order to save her life from the deadly sickness.

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According to Indian media sources, the police detained this Looteri bride a few days ago, and an HIV test revealed that she was infected with the virus.

According to the accounts, the HIV positive bride stayed with each of her husbands for around one week following their wedding, and she married eight different men within that time span.

According to the Indian police official, the bride who was suspected of deceiving by marrying was determined to be HIV positive after a medical examination was carried out. The tests will be administered to all of the husbands she has married thus far..

As a resident of the Kaithal district in the Indian state of Haryana and the mother of three children, the bride was legally married in Patiala, Punjab, in the year 2010.

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She began defrauding people in the name of marriage approximately four years ago and has plundered numerous individuals in Punjab and Haryana by tempting them with false promises of a happy marriage.

Presiding Officer City Varun Sharma stated that the robber bride desired to get wealthy quickly, so she, her mother, and several other relatives began defrauding people under the premise of marriages to achieve their goals.

Additionally, during the course of her interrogation by the police, the suspected bride confessed to the crime.