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Joe Biden declares his supports for the African Union



Joe Biden declares his supports for the African Union.
Joe Biden declares his supports for the African Union. — File/Photo

In an effort to improve the standing of the continent, US President Joe Biden would support the African Union’s permanent participation in the Group of 20 major economies, according to the White House.

The declaration will be made by Biden during the three-day US-Africa Summit, which gets underway on Tuesday in Washington, DC. In reaction to China’s and Russia’s actions, the US will pledge its support for the continent during the summit.

The US will likely assess the African Union’s standing among the Group of 20 nations during a three-day conference in Washington, DC.

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Judd Devermont, the National Security Council’s senior director for African issues, said on Friday that it was past time for Africa to have permanent seats at the table in international institutions and projects.

There is a need for more African viewpoints in international discussions on the global economy, democracy and governance, global warming, health, and security,

Regarding 50 African leaders are likely to join Biden for the talks from December 13 to December 15, which are expected to include discussions about the role of the African Union between the United States and India, the G20 chairmanship for 2023.

In a speech to the United Nations Security Council in September, Vice President Biden outlined his support for the council’s expansion, including the addition of seats for Africa.

The US’s strategy pits it against China and especially Russia, both of whom are believed to be hostile to any attempt to reduce their capacity to veto legislation. Many predict the Security Council to change quickly.

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The Biden administration has backed the African Union’s diplomatic efforts on the continent and tried to establish a relationship with Macky Sall, the president of Senegal, who will rule over the summit in Washington and serves as the body’s leader.

Sall was invited to the most recent G20 meeting, held in Bali previous month, by the country that was hosting it, Indonesia.

Only South Africa is presently a member of the G20, which was created in its current form after the financial crisis of 2008 to bring together the world’s top countries.

Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of South Africa, and Vice President Biden met at the White House on September 16. Regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, South Africa and several of its neighbours have declared their neutrality.