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Microsoft giving all employees worldwide a $1,500 pandemic bonus



Microsoft giving all employees worldwide a $1,500 pandemic bonus

According to the story, Microsoft is giving staff a $1,500 pandemic bonus this year for the “unique and hard fiscal year that Microsoft has completed.”

According to the article, which cites an internal document, the bonuses will be granted to all employees below the corporate vice president level who started work on or before March 31, 2021, including part-time workers and those paid hourly. Employees in the United States and other countries who meet the criteria will be eligible for the incentive.

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“We are happy to thank our workers with a one-time monetary award as a mark of our appreciation for joining together as One Microsoft during a uniquely tough year,” a spokeswoman revealed.

Microsoft employs 175,508 workers around the world, and the action illustrates what IT companies are doing to assist lessen the effects of the coronavirus outbreak. Last year, Facebook gave employees a $1,000 bonus to help with remote work, and Twitter said that it will reimburse employees for home office setup costs as well as fees that parents pay for extra daycare.