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Saudi Arabia allows fully vaccinated people to fly domestically



Saudi Arabia allows fully vaccinated people to fly domestically.
Saudi Arabia allows fully vaccinated people to fly domestically —

RIYADH: Those who have gotten 2 doses of the coronavirus vaccine will be permitted to travel on Saudi Arabia’s national airline’s domestic flights starting this week, according to the official announcement on Wednesday.

Efforts to implement a two-dose vaccine requirement will begin immediately (September 1).

Children under the age of twelve, on the other hand, would be excluded from this requirement.

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According to Saudi Arabian media, the authorities have recommended travelers to verify their current status using the Tawakkalna app before purchasing their tickets to avoid disappointment.

In August, Saudi Arabia relaxed COVID-19 restrictions for fully vaccinated residents, allowing them to travel straight to the Kingdom from countries that were previously subject to a travel ban. These nations included Pakistan.

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As reported in the media, this was only relevant to people who have a valid residency permit and who have leave and re-entry visas after receiving two doses of the COVID-19 vaccination from Saudi Arabia and returning to the Kingdom.

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