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Turkey relaxes quarantine for Pakistani students and workers



Turkey relaxes quarantine for Pakistani students and workers

ANKARA: The Turkey government has relaxed the quarantine laws at the request of the Pakistan Embassy in Ankara, according to a statement from the Pakistan Embassy in Ankara.

The new guidelines allow students to spend the necessary 10-day quarantine in designated dormitories rather than private motels.

The students will be quarantined at KYK’s Muhteşem Süleyman and Tahsin Banguolu Dormitories in Istanbul and Ankara.

A valid student identification paper proving residence in Turkey is necessary.

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Pakistani students studying at universities outside Istanbul or Ankara can only travel to their registered universities after the quarantine time in KYK dormitories in Istanbul or Ankara.

All Pakistanis with proper residency and work permits will be excused from hotel quarantine and will spend their quarantine time at home.

However, such individuals may only travel to their residence by private automobile and cannot fly or take public transportation.

Except for current students and holders of Turkish resident or work permits, visitors and tourists from Pakistan would be confined at specified private hotels.

The Pakistani Embassy in Ankara thanked the relevant authorities for amending the quarantine laws at their request.

The Pakistani missions in Turkey were ready to help their citizens.

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