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UK bans Pakistan for not providing COVID-19 testing and vaccination data



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The British government claims that Pakistan did not provide data on its ongoing COVID-19 campaign and Coronavirus testing capacity, which is why Pakistan is still on the “red list.” Diplomatic sources have revealed that Pakistan is still on the “red list” because the NCOC did not share data on COVID-19 vaccination and testing with British authorities.

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Senior Pakistani government officials, however, have rejected the British government’s claim, claiming that the UK never requested any form of COVID-19 data from Pakistan.

According to them, Pakistan’s data on Coronavirus vaccination and testing capabilities is provided on a regular basis with all embassies in the country, including the British High Commission, and the same data is available on NCOC’s website and Twitter account.

The UK government could simply have examined the data before reaching a judgment on the removal and retention from the most recent travel list, which goes into force today.

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The British government declared last week that it would keep Pakistan on its “red list” owing to a deteriorating Coronavirus scenario, while moving India to the “amber list” despite a considerably worse COVID-19 condition.

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