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WHO: Until 70% is vaccinated, pandemic will not be over



WHO Until 70% is vaccinated, pandemic will not be over

Only 70 percent of people will be vaccinated, the WHO European Director said on Friday will the epidemic be stopped.

In an interview with Hans Kluge, European Regional Director for the World Health Organisation, the new Covid-19 versions also highlighted concerns.

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“For example, we know that the B. 1617(Indian variety), which was already more transmissible than the prior strain, is more communicable than B. 117(British variation),,” he stated.

The Belgian physician said that in a pandemic speed is “essential.” “We still wasted significant time, even though WHO proclaimed a pandemic, a lot of nations waited for.”

Since February 2020 Kluge, who held the job, highlighted that rapid distribution of vaccines is the need of the hour.

“We are our best friend when we have to work against us; the vaccination is still too slow,” Kluge added. “We must increase the number of vaccines.”

26% of the population has gotten a first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in the 53 nations and territories that make up the European WHO, including some in Central Asia.

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According to counts, 36,6% of the population in the European Union received at least one dosage.