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With no facing, Italy welcomes back normal life



With no facing, Italy welcomes back normal life

Monday, following a low risk coronavirus zone that became the first European country in the global pandemic in February 2020, Italy were finally entitled to leave without masks. Rome: Italy was finally enabled to go without masks.

With a decree in force Monday, the Ministry of Health classified each of the 20 regions of Italy for the first time as “white,” the lowest of four categories under a color-coded risk assessment system.

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It means facemasking in outdoor areas is no longer required – welcome news in a country in which a constant heatwave in certain southern areas is scheduled to push the tempers above 40° C (104° Fahrenheit).

The local Salvatore Casuccio told the AFP in central Rome: “It’s a kind of relief as it is very hot.

But, whether by habit or continued concern, many people on Monday morning and beyond always wore their masks.

Like her mother, Giulia, another resident of Rome, had been wearing the hers. “This situation is still of concern to us. Not finished yet, “She said. – She said.

In recent weeks, Italy has witnessed infection and deaths falling, as once a symbol of the coronavirus crisis in the west, with images of military trucks transporting coffins from the overflowing morgue of northern Bergamo.

One third of Italy’s population over 12 years old, or 17.8 million people according to the government, were vaccinated entirely Monday morning.

Tourists from the European Union, USA, Canada and Japan have long been prohibited from entering the country and return after the Government has removed a quarantine requirement for visitors who have been vaccinated or have been testing negative.

– Extended freeze on fashion lay-overs — In spite of progress, Health Minister Roberto Speranza urged Italians to be vigilant as the Delta variant that in many countries causes havoc spreads across Italy.

After signing the ordinance on Saturday, Speranza wrote, ‘Caution and prudence remain needed, especially due to the new variants.’

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“Not yet won the battle.”

Since late April coronavirus measures were gradually lightened following months of stop-start restrictions including full national lock-ups over Christmas and Easter.

On Monday, the only stopping place was the Aosta Valley, the small alpine area to the northwest. The classification is “white.”

Over 127 000 people died of related complications in Covid-19 in Italy, while over four million were infected.

Meanwhile, Italy decided on Monday that a freeze in the mode, clothing and footwear industries that suffered during the pandemic would be extended by the end of October. Officials said.

The freeze on discards is scheduled to end on June 30 for production and construction.

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According to the Bank of Italy, layoffs, which started with the Covid outbreak in Italy in February 2020, saved 440,000 jobs last year.

However, while independent experts at the budgetary office of the Parliament expect about 70,000 job losses after the freeze ends, the unions fear that at least 500,000 will occur.